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  1. Why Is Home Remodeling So Expensive?

    Whoa, touchy subject this week! While Americans talk about money all the time, we often don’t like to talk about money with the person who is actually providing the service. We might complain about the cost that an electrician charges per hour when we’re with our friends, but we never talk about it with the electrician directly. Now let’s get something straight, people aren’t asking “why…Read More

  2. When It Comes To Home Improvement Projects, Where Should We Start?

    If you’ve lived in your home for years and are ready to start home improvement projects, where should you start? Or if you have just moved into a home that’s going to need a lot of work to modernize, what’s first on the agenda? “What should we tackle first?” is a question we get often, and we’re more than happy to talk with you about it. Most people won't be able to afford a whole-hous…Read More

  3. When You Remodel Your Home, Think To The Future

      Many people get their constant moving out of the way fairly early in life. They move back and forth from their parents to college four times, move to an apartment in the college town, get their first professional job, and move a few more times trying to find the right job/right city combination. When they find the right city, the job might change but moving suddenly becomes something that youn…Read More

  4. Why You Should Remodel Your Basement

    Create the Man Cave of Your Football Dreams Have you ever been in your basement and started thinking “This would be such a great place to entertain friends if…” Well, we know what that “if” is: basement remodeling. With football season right upon us, the urge for that perfect man cave is strong. Sure you can throw together an average frat party scenario but why settle when you can bring…Read More

  5. Considering a Small Kitchen Remodel? Here are Some Ideas to Help

    You might think that a small kitchen remodel couldn’t add much to your house Boston. Whether you’re concerned about value, looks, or something else entirely, choosing to work on a small kitchen remodel can leave some people feeling stressed. Fear not, because VIP Home Remodeling is here to help you every step of the way and we’ve come up with a list of a few ideas for a small kitchen remodel…Read More

  6. A Few Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

    If you’re in the market for a bathroom remodel, we’ve got some great ideas for you. A bathroom remodel can help you to add appeal, value, and character to your Boston home. The right idea can really help to bring your bathroom to life, so consider some of the following ideas and rest assured that VIP Home Remodeling can provide you with a bathroom remodel that will wow you. Play with contrast.…Read More

  7. 3 Ways to Add Value to Your Home with a Small Bathroom Remodel

    When looking to add value to your home, small bathroom renovation is an excellent place to start. Your small bathroom is an often overlooked room that can not only add potential resale value for those looking to sell their homes, but also a room that offers the potential for some homeowner creativity. If you’re looking to make a change in your home,the benefits of a small bathroom remodel are nu…Read More

  8. 3 Tips for Remodeling Your Small Bathroom

    So you want to remodel your small bathroom. Ask anyone you know, and it’s likely you will receive several patented pieces of advice: tried and true gems like, stick with a clean white color palette, it will keep the space feeling airy and bright, or opt for a small pedestal sink instead of that amazing vanity you saw in that magazine to better utilize the space. And while white is a classic, cle…Read More

  9. 4 Home Improvement Movies You Can Watch While We Take Care of Your Home Renovations

    So, you’re having that bathroom remodel taken care of and want to stay away from the construction. Or you’ve finally called us to take care of that kitchen remodeling project and want to watch a movie with that pizza you just ordered (because there’s no cooking during a kitchen remodel!) Why not enjoy a film that’s related to what you’re going through? Here are some great movie options …Read More

  10. Why People Choose Home Improvement Instead of Moving

      If you just can’t stand the way parts of your home look anymore, you might be considering moving in order to get upgrades to your kitchen or a nicer bathroom. Before you move, maybe you should consider home improvement so that you can stay right where you are. Here are three reasons to have that kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel done instead of moving to a new house   You Love the Neighbo…Read More

The process of a kitchen makeover can be challenging and uneasy for you, but VIP Home Remodeling delivers great kitchen renovation experience from start to finish.

With over 20 years of experience we are a team of skilled craftsmen that has a wealth of experience and the skills needed for prominent work.

House leveling is a very precise procedure. After determining the exact location of the difficulty and extent of the problem.

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Really nice job, it looks Fantastic!

Really nice job, it looks Fantastic!…Read More

- Ruben Santana - Dorchester, Ma.

The deck looks amazing and it was a pleasure to deal with Axel while the deck was built!

The deck looks amazing and it was a pleasure to deal with Axel while the deck was built!…Read More

- Jennifer and Michael Green - Beverly, Ma.

Very happy with the end result!

Very happy with the end result! Axel and the guys were very professional. They went above and beyond, felt they could be trusted, especially as family was away and left home opened to them.…Read More

- Joan and Bill Greener - Salem, Ma.

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