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Whoa, touchy subject this week! While Americans talk about money all the time, we often don’t like to talk about money with the person who is actually providing the service. We might complain about the cost that an electrician charges per hour when we’re with our friends, but we never talk about it with the electrician directly.

Now let’s get something straight, people aren’t asking “why is VIP so expensive?” they’re just asking in general why the price of home improvement services get up there. In truth, people tend to be very happy with VIP’s prices once they see the level of quality. But people ask that question: “Why is home remodeling so expensive?” We figured we’d take a look at it.

Materials Aren’t Cheap

If we quote someone a price for $5,000, a knee-jerk reaction is to think that VIP is making $5,000 on the project. When you think about the materials involved, that’s far from true. Spackle isn’t free, nails aren’t cheap, and 2X4’s are surprisingly expensive even when you buy in bulk. Labor and materials’ cost are our two biggest outlays of cash. And speaking of labor…

There’s A Lot Of Skill Involved

There are two reasons people contact skilled laborers: they either don’t want to do it, or they can’t do it themselves. When these two come together, that’s when people are willing to pay for someone to perform professional work.

Take drywalling, for example. It seems easy to do, but it’s one of the hardest projects to get right. Bad drywalling looks bad. We can get drywalling done in a day that would take most people weeks, and it’s going to look a lot better too!

It Depends on Who You Go With

Like all services, the price depends on what home renovation contractors you go with. You certainly don’t want to go with the cheapest, because the quality of the home renovation won’t be nearly as good. And you definitely don’t want to go with the most expensive, because at some point you reach the law of diminishing returns and you’re only getting a 1% improvement for twice the price. The key is to find that sweet spot where you’re getting absolutely amazing home improvement while still finding an affordable price. (That’s us, by the way!)

Selling Reduces the Expense

The average American moves 11 times in their lifetime, and ends up buying three to four homes. So even if you don’t think you’ll be moving anytime soon, losing a job or experiencing a change in the family could prove you wrong!

What we’re saying is that you have to think about how home remodeling can increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers. If a small kitchen remodel costs you $10,000 but increases the selling cost by $8,000, you get all the years of enjoyment out of the kitchen for less that the cost of a cheap family vacation. In other words, the kitchen remodeling actually only cost you $2,000 (it might be tax deductible when you sell, too).

So, why is home remodeling so expensive? Well, in truth it is and it isn’t. We hope we’ve been able to shed some light on why it’s worth it in the end. When you’re ready for a free quote, contact VIP Home Remodeling!


The process of a kitchen makeover can be challenging and uneasy for you, but VIP Home Remodeling delivers great kitchen renovation experience from start to finish.

With over 20 years of experience we are a team of skilled craftsmen that has a wealth of experience and the skills needed for prominent work.

House leveling is a very precise procedure. After determining the exact location of the difficulty and extent of the problem.

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Really nice job, it looks Fantastic!

Really nice job, it looks Fantastic!…Read More

- Ruben Santana - Dorchester, Ma.

The deck looks amazing and it was a pleasure to deal with Axel while the deck was built!

The deck looks amazing and it was a pleasure to deal with Axel while the deck was built!…Read More

- Jennifer and Michael Green - Beverly, Ma.

Very happy with the end result!

Very happy with the end result! Axel and the guys were very professional. They went above and beyond, felt they could be trusted, especially as family was away and left home opened to them.…Read More

- Joan and Bill Greener - Salem, Ma.

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