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It’s been a couple of months, so we thought we’d take some time to respond to one of the reviews we’ve received on Google. While we can’t respond to every review, we like to pick one out that covers a lot ground and and says a few things that are worth pointing out. This one is from Ben Sayles of Boston, for whom we did two bathroom remodels.

“Where should I start?  Axel’s work is top quality — but that is not what sets him apart from other contractors.  Axel is very responsive, polite and courteous.  He was able to budget our job, determine the materials we’d need, advised us on what would and wouldn’t look good and gave us a realistic timeline to complete the job.

When it was all done, he came in under budget and two days ahead of schedule.  18 months after he completed the job, I’m happy to report that our two bathrooms look as good as the day he finished them.  His work more than stands the test of time.

I can’t recommend Axel enough — he’s just terrific.”

— Ben Sayles

Thanks for the kind words, Ben. Some people leave bathroom remodels as their final home improvement project. After all, few guests see a house’s master bath, so it’s easy to put that one off. And the guest bathroom, usually a small bathroom remodel, is usually far from glamorous. We often see bathrooms that are in considerable need of upgrading.

Ben, you mentioned that Axel was responsive, and that’s not something we take lightly. After all, you’re spending a considerable amount of money to have your bathrooms remodeled; you certainly don’t want to make your down payment and then have someone ignore you. We take pride in every home remodeling project we undertake, so your project is always at the forefront of our minds.

Second, let’s talk about being  polite and courteous. Is there any other way to act? Seriously, why would someone who’s performing a service (or selling anything) act any differently? It’s simply good business. Now that’s not to say that we’re faking our friendly demeanor. If we’re smiling that day, we mean it. We love our jobs and truly want to create a space in your home that you’re happy with.

Next, we’re glad you listened when Axel suggested what would and what wouldn’t look good. Because we’re involved in so many home improvement projects around Boston, we’re able to keep on top of the latest trends. We know what’s on its way in and what’s on its way out. We can help anyone determine if the designs will still look modern in 10 years or if it will look old in just five. We always do our best to articulate the reasons as much as possible. In the end, it’s always up to the customer, as long as we stay within code, of course! But we’re always happy when a customer listens to us. It can even save you money.

We’re glad you were so pleased that Axel and crew finished early. We certainly can’t promise that for every home remodeling project we embark upon, but we do our absolute best to stay on schedule. We understand that you’ve decided to put your life into some disarray for your home remodeling project, and we want to keep that amount of time to a minimum.

Like we said, we love our work and treat each project with care. At VIP Home Remodeling we’re not the VIP, you are. We’re here to get you the absolute best in home improvement, whether it’s a bathroom remodel or a basement finishing. Thanks once again, Ben, for contacting us and letting us know how you feel about our home remodeling contractors.



The process of a kitchen makeover can be challenging and uneasy for you, but VIP Home Remodeling delivers great kitchen renovation experience from start to finish.

With over 20 years of experience we are a team of skilled craftsmen that has a wealth of experience and the skills needed for prominent work.

House leveling is a very precise procedure. After determining the exact location of the difficulty and extent of the problem.

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Really nice job, it looks Fantastic!

Really nice job, it looks Fantastic!…Read More

- Ruben Santana - Dorchester, Ma.

The deck looks amazing and it was a pleasure to deal with Axel while the deck was built!

The deck looks amazing and it was a pleasure to deal with Axel while the deck was built!…Read More

- Jennifer and Michael Green - Beverly, Ma.

Very happy with the end result!

Very happy with the end result! Axel and the guys were very professional. They went above and beyond, felt they could be trusted, especially as family was away and left home opened to them.…Read More

- Joan and Bill Greener - Salem, Ma.

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