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  1. Why Is Home Remodeling So Expensive?

    Whoa, touchy subject this week! While Americans talk about money all the time, we often don’t like to talk about money with the person who is actually providing the service. We might complain about the cost that an electrician charges per hour when we’re with our friends, but we never talk about it with the electrician directly. Now let’s get something straight, people aren’t asking “why…Read More

  2. When It Comes To Home Improvement Projects, Where Should We Start?

    If you’ve lived in your home for years and are ready to start home improvement projects, where should you start? Or if you have just moved into a home that’s going to need a lot of work to modernize, what’s first on the agenda? “What should we tackle first?” is a question we get often, and we’re more than happy to talk with you about it. Most people won't be able to afford a whole-hous…Read More

  3. A Quick Response To A Google Review For A Bathroom Remodeling Job

    It’s been a couple of months, so we thought we’d take some time to respond to one of the reviews we’ve received on Google. While we can’t respond to every review, we like to pick one out that covers a lot ground and and says a few things that are worth pointing out. This one is from Ben Sayles of Boston, for whom we did two bathroom remodels. “Where should I start?  Axel's work is top q…Read More

  4. Do You Have These In Your Kitchen? Consider Chucking Them During the Remodel

    There are many reasons people are interested in renovating their kitchen. Sometimes it’s to keep up with styles, other times it’s because they’re simply tired of the way it looks. It can also be about updating old appliances and fixing the mistakes of years past. Here are some features of kitchens that are on their way out. When you’re talking with us about your kitchen remodel you’ll d…Read More

  5. 3 Ways To Really Put A Cap On Your Basement Finishing

    We’ve written a few blogs about what many people do when they invest in basement finishing. Once-opulent additions such as home theaters are becoming more common, while other people are devoting the space to collections, hobbies, and other interests. Here are a few ideas that can really help you make the most of your basement remodel. Go Easy On The Carpet When basements started to become a mor…Read More

  6. Contact A Deck Builder Now And Be Ready For Spring!

    Are you considering getting a new deck in 2017? Well 2017 might sound far away, but it’s just around the corner. Now is the time to start planning for that new deck, and talking with deck contractors like VIP Home Remodeling is a great first step. If you already have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for, you might want to consider getting your new deck built this fall instead of wait…Read More

  7. We’ll Take Care of Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel, Even If It’s For Someone Else

    We spend a lot of time in this blog talking about why it’s so important for you to get the perfect bath or kitchen remodel for you. But we sometimes forget to mention that we can also get that amazing kitchen that’s right for the person you’re selling your home to. You might never get to enjoy the new kitchen you’re putting in, but when done properly, a home remodeling project can be a gr…Read More

  8. When You Remodel Your Home, Think To The Future

      Many people get their constant moving out of the way fairly early in life. They move back and forth from their parents to college four times, move to an apartment in the college town, get their first professional job, and move a few more times trying to find the right job/right city combination. When they find the right city, the job might change but moving suddenly becomes something that youn…Read More

  9. More Reasons Your Foundation Might Need Repair Before It Should

    A few months ago we wrote a blog telling you about five reasons that your foundation might not be as strong as it should be. These included improper compacting of your the ground underneath the foundation, impossible-to-prevent sinkholes, bad guttering that causes dirt to be washed away from your foundation, and the many earthquakes that happen in Boston that you can’t even feel. We also mentio…Read More

  10. Why You Should Remodel Your Basement

    Create the Man Cave of Your Football Dreams Have you ever been in your basement and started thinking “This would be such a great place to entertain friends if…” Well, we know what that “if” is: basement remodeling. With football season right upon us, the urge for that perfect man cave is strong. Sure you can throw together an average frat party scenario but why settle when you can bring…Read More

The process of a kitchen makeover can be challenging and uneasy for you, but VIP Home Remodeling delivers great kitchen renovation experience from start to finish.

With over 20 years of experience we are a team of skilled craftsmen that has a wealth of experience and the skills needed for prominent work.

House leveling is a very precise procedure. After determining the exact location of the difficulty and extent of the problem.

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Really nice job, it looks Fantastic!

Really nice job, it looks Fantastic!…Read More

- Ruben Santana - Dorchester, Ma.

The deck looks amazing and it was a pleasure to deal with Axel while the deck was built!

The deck looks amazing and it was a pleasure to deal with Axel while the deck was built!…Read More

- Jennifer and Michael Green - Beverly, Ma.

Very happy with the end result!

Very happy with the end result! Axel and the guys were very professional. They went above and beyond, felt they could be trusted, especially as family was away and left home opened to them.…Read More

- Joan and Bill Greener - Salem, Ma.

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